NO to violence against women through the language of art.

Violence against women includes crimes which have a devastating impact on women, such as sexual violence, rape and “domestic violence”. It is a violation of fundamental rights of women in relation to dignity and equality. The impact of violence against women touches not only the victims, but also affects the families, friends and society as a whole.

The problem of violence against women (European Union report) is more than ever a problem close to us: in Europe, once in life, a women every three over 15 years old, has been victim of violence; physical or sexual violence.  More than half of the European women (55%), said they had suffered sexual harassment and 18% of women was victim of stalking. Other problem is the difficulty of women to talk about shame, because so full of guilt or because in most cases the violence is carried out by the partners.

Femicide is a sadly and everyday reality, but there are also other types of violence, more subtle and hidden as the psychological and verbal violence. forms of violence that kill inside, which take away the will to live, broken dreams, creates wounds and bruises do not visible to the human eye but that bleed inside. Often many forms of violence precede physical aggression, as well as: stalking, cyberviolenza, the violent use of social media to marginalize and destroy.

We live increasingly in a reality of border, between physical and virtual space and it is through the “web” which will launch a campaign to call women and professional artists, to leave their mark through art, in this interdisciplinary project.

The virtual platform LEAVE A MARK is a project for the collection of art’s works. Social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, will be used to promote famale artists’ participation in the project.

The multimedia web site will be collected art works (professional artist and not) selected over three years; the portal will archive works and live events, video and photographs.

A scientific committee, consisting of art critics, teachers, cultural managers, psychologists and counselors, will assess the quality of the works and the ability to “touch” audience. The committeet chooses the projects to include in the virtual gallery and  which ones will be exhibited in public and the activities on the web.

It will be organized a series of exhibitions – with talented works (painting, sculpture, photography, music, video) as well as live performance.

Through the organization of events that can meet diversified public, the project aims to develop awareness on the issues of violence against women.The project will realized workshops dedicated to the pictorial and multimedia arts. The topics will be oriented around the tale of violence against women to turn it into a “sign.”

The works of art realized during workshops will be included in the Web site or in exhibitions.

Objective of the third year: participate with works produced for the project  LEAVES A MARK, to Biennale Donna, the most important female art exhibition event of the Emilia Romagna Region, which embrace various expressions of female, for enhance and emphasize the undisputed value of women in art.